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Time Management

Like it or not, structure is freedom. This ‘tailored to your needs’ programme will give you the life long habits to cope in this urgency-addicted, distracting world we live in.

Course Description

For anyone struggling with not having enough time in the day, feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and working on everything but what they should be.

This a three-hour workshop with two follow up one-on- ones to implement the ideas.

It covers

  • habits to get things done
  • clarity of what is important and what is a priority
  • management and plan for your day/week/ month
  • an accountable buddy to hold you to account on implementing good habits

Resulting in more time to do what you want to do with less stress in your life to boot!

What you’ll learn

  • Get rid of your to-do list
  • Prioritise importance over urgency

  • Handle interruptions

  • Declutter your head, desk and inbox

  • Effective use of a calendar system

Course Cost

This course can be customised to an individual or a team. Contact us to learn more about course related costs.

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