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Are you in the right seat on the bus

The Power of Being in the Right Seat on the Business Bus

Written by Eastwood & Co on .

Business success is often visualised as a journey, with the company being the vehicle that carries everyone towards a shared destination. That’s where the analogy of “being on the bus” comes in, symbolising an individual’s alignment with the business’s vision and goals. But being “on the bus” is just the first step. Equally crucial is whether you’re sitting in the right seat on the bus, a metaphor for the role that best suits your skills, abilities, and passion.

Understanding the ‘Right Seat’ Concept

The “right seat” concept hails from Gino Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), as expounded in his book “Traction”. The idea asserts that for a business to function optimally, each person should perform tasks aligning with their inherent talents and passion. When everyone is in their “right seat”, they are likely to be engaged, productive, and successful.

The notion involves two critical elements:

  1. Right People: Individuals in your business who resonate with your core values and mesh well with the culture and environment of your organisation.
  2. Right Seats: Placing these individuals in positions that leverage their strengths and skills most effectively, where they can excel and contribute significantly to the business’s success.

For business owners, finding their “right seat” often entails shifting focus from daily operational tasks to strategic activities like setting the company’s direction and formulating growth strategies.

The Importance of Being in the Right Seat On The Bus

Being in the right seat allows people to work to their strengths, ultimately leading to more efficient and productive work. When people work in roles they enjoy and are good at, it not only prevents burnout but also promotes job satisfaction. Moreover, having employees in their right seats is key to retaining talent, particularly in the current challenging job market.

We recently were talking with a business owner who, upon returning from a holiday, discovered that a team member had efficiently handled invoicing and admin tasks – jobs that the owner disliked and was not naturally good at. The lesson? Sometimes, it takes an unexpected event for business leaders to realise they might not be in the best seat on the bus.

The Ripple Effects of the Right Seat

When individuals are in their right seats, they’re happier, more productive, and tend to stay with the company longer. This increased productivity and job satisfaction positively impact profitability. Moreover, it cultivates a better company culture where employees feel recognised for their talents and achievements.

Getting the right people in the right seats can indeed be a game-changer. It leads to a more sustainable business in the long run, characterised by loyalty, personal growth, and consistent profitability. Whether it’s sales, finance, operations, IT, or team management, each seat on the business bus is essential. The key is to ensure that each seat is filled with the right person.

Being on the business bus and in the right seat is important for both business owners and staff. It enables individuals to leverage their talents, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Navigating this bus journey can be complex, and that’s where eastwood&co can help. We can assist you to find the right seat for you and your team. Ultimately, this helps driving the bus towards success. Get in touch with us today to start your journey.