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Set Your Focus Sales 101 Part 1

Sales 101 – Part 1: Set your focus – The First Step to Sales Success

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At Eastwood & Co, we believe that mastering sales is both an art and a science. In our Sales 101 series, we aim to equip you with the skills and insights needed to excel in sales. The first step in this journey is learning how to set your focus. As a business owner, you juggle many responsibilities, but dedicating specific time and effort to sales is crucial for your success. Here’s how you can effectively set your focus to enhance your sales performance.

Wearing your sales hat.

Wear the Sales Hat

Running a business often means wearing multiple hats—manager, marketer, accountant, and more. Among these, the sales hat is arguably the most critical, yet it’s easy to neglect. To truly excel in sales, you need to consciously switch into the sales mindset. This involves understanding that sales activities are not just another task but a vital part of your business strategy.

Consider this – many corporate sales teams are required to make a certain number of calls each day, a practice that underscores the importance of consistency in sales efforts. As a business owner, you may not have the same rigid structure, but setting a dedicated time for sales can have a significant impact.

Sales 101 Making Sales a Priority

Make Sales a Priority

The first step in setting your focus is to make sales a priority. It’s tempting to push sales tasks aside when other responsibilities seem more pressing. However, consistent sales efforts are essential for sustaining and growing your business. Begin by setting clear, achievable sales goals. These could be daily, weekly, or monthly targets, such as making a certain number of calls, reaching out to a set number of prospects, or securing a specific number of meetings.

Having tangible goals provides direction and keeps you accountable. Write these goals down and keep them visible in your workspace. This constant reminder helps to keep sales at the forefront of your daily activities.

Create dedicated time for making sales

Create the Space by Setting Aside Dedicated Sales Time

To make sales a priority, you must allocate dedicated time for it. This means blocking out specific periods in your calendar solely for sales activities. Treat this time as non-negotiable—just as you would with a client meeting or a critical project deadline.

Creating this dedicated space helps you to focus entirely on sales without distractions. During this time, focus on activities that directly contribute to your sales goals: making calls, following up with leads, sending proposals, and refining your sales pitch. The key is consistency. Even if it’s just an hour a day, regular sales efforts compound over time and lead to significant results.

Let others know when it's time to make sales

Let Others Know! Communicate the Importance of Sales With Your Team

Sales should be a collective effort within your business. Communicate its importance to your team to ensure everyone understands why dedicating time to sales is essential. When your team recognises the value of sales activities, they are more likely to support your efforts and contribute to the overall sales strategy.

Additionally, fostering a sales-oriented culture within your business can lead to a more proactive approach to identifying and pursuing sales opportunities. Encourage team members to share leads, offer referrals, and support sales initiatives. When everyone is aligned with the goal of driving sales, the collective effort can lead to greater success.

Leverage an Accountability Buddy

Accountability is a powerful motivator. One effective way to maintain your focus on sales is by partnering with an accountability buddy. This could be a colleague, a fellow business owner, or a mentor. The role of the accountability buddy is to check in with you regularly—perhaps weekly or bi-weekly—to ensure you are staying on track with your sales goals.

Knowing that someone will be checking in on your progress adds an extra layer of commitment. Your accountability buddy can offer support, provide feedback, and help troubleshoot any challenges you encounter. This partnership can significantly boost your motivation and ensure you maintain consistent sales efforts.

Overcoming Sales Challenges

Sales is not always easy, and often requires resilience and persistence. Many business owners find sales challenging because it often involves facing rejection and overcoming objections. By setting a clear focus and following the steps outlined above, you can navigate these challenges more effectively.

When setting your focus, remember that preparation is key. Equip yourself with the right tools and resources, such as a well-crafted sales script, a CRM system to track your progress, and ongoing sales training to sharpen your skills. Continuous learning and improvement are vital components of a successful sales strategy.

Get started by trying some of these sales techniques

Setting your focus is the foundation of successful sales. By wearing the sales hat, making sales a priority, creating dedicated sales time, communicating its importance, and leveraging an accountability buddy, you can significantly enhance your sales performance. At Eastwood & Co, we are committed to helping you achieve your sales goals. Stay tuned for more insights and strategies in our Sales 101 series. Together, let’s master the art of selling.