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Sales 101 – Part 4: Execute the Close

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In this article, we aim to demystify the process of closing a sale. Closing is simply the final step in a journey you’ve undertaken with your client. By looking back at the content points covered in the series so far, you’ll see that closing is a natural and straightforward part of the sales process.

How to Execute Your Close

There are many myths around closing. The key is to simplify to demystify. If you’ve followed a good sales process, closing should be a matter of simply asking, ‘What’s next?’ Here’s how to approach it effectively.

Let’s look at the process so far

Throughout this series, we’ve covered essential steps in the sales journey.

Setting Your Focus: You’ve dedicated specific time and effort to sales, making it a priority in your daily activities.

Approaching with Care: You’ve shown genuine care by asking meaningful questions and listening actively to understand your clients’ needs.

Listening for Needs: You’ve dug deeper to uncover the real drivers behind your clients’ decisions, prioritising their needs and aligning your solutions accordingly.

Closing is Not a Trick

Closing a sale is not a trick to hook people in. When you have completed a robust process, closing is merely the logistics of finalising the journey. The confidence and trust you’ve built make this step flow naturally.

Remember, closing comes at the end of your hard work:

  • You’ve dedicated time to talk.
  • You’ve cared enough to understand the clients.
  • You’ve been brave enough to dig deep to uncover the real needs of the client.
  • You’ve researched and documented a solution to satisfy those needs.
  • You’ve confidently presented your solution.
  • You know you have a product or service that can satisfy those needs.

With this foundation, closing should be a foregone conclusion.

Simple or Complicated Sales?

Closing involves summarising how your solution meets the customer’s needs.

Simple Sales

For straightforward, transactional sales, there’s usually a singular need to satisfy. Emphasise how your solution addresses this specific need.

Complicated Sales

For more complex sales, recap how your solution addresses each of the various needs of your prospect. This ensures clarity and reinforces the value you provide.

So What’s Next?

Clients often don’t know what the next step will be. Closing clarifies the suggested next steps and outlines how the process will work from your end. This might include signing a contract, scheduling a follow-up meeting, or starting the implementation process. Clearly communicating these steps helps in setting the client’s expectations and makes the transition smooth.


A successful sale is a win for both the client and the salesperson. Frame the next steps as mutually beneficial actions:

  • “I’ll take care of the paperwork, and if you could get the necessary approvals, we can get started right away.”
  • “Once we finalise this agreement, I’ll schedule the training session, and you can start seeing immediate benefits.”

This collaborative approach ensures that both parties feel positive about the outcome.

Let’s start closing those deals!

There’s so much hype around closing a deal. Review your process and have the confidence to believe in both the journey you have taken together and the solutions you are proposing. By following a structured and caring approach, closing becomes a natural and straightforward step, not a daunting challenge.

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