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Approach with Care - Sales 101 Series

Sales 101 – Part 2: Approach With Care – A Key Skill In Your Sales Toolkit

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Caring in sales might not be the first skill that springs to mind, but it’s a powerful tool for building long-term relationships and fostering business growth. In this article, we’ll explore how caring can enhance your sales approach, why it’s essential to listen and ask deeper questions, and how it leads to more meaningful and fruitful interactions with your prospects.

What’s the best sales tip we can give you?

“Seek to understand, then to be understood.”

The greatest piece of advice I ever received was from my mum, who recently passed away. In her broad Yorkshire accent, she would say, “Russ, keep your big mouth shut until you know what you’re talking about.” This advice is golden in sales. Before you can expect your prospects to understand your pitch, you must first understand their needs, concerns, and desires. This approach builds trust and sets the foundation for a strong, lasting relationship.

Asking the Right Questions: Delve Deeper for Real Answers

When you ask the same question to ten different people, you can get ten different answers. The key is to recognise that the right answer is their answer. By genuinely caring about your prospects, you’ll be brave enough to ask real, meaningful questions. This means going beyond the surface-level inquiries and delving into what truly matters to them. Tougher questions often reveal deeper insights and show that you’re truly invested in finding the best solution for their needs.

Active Listening: The Key to Showing You Care

To care effectively, you must listen actively. Listening is more than just hearing words; it’s about understanding the emotions, motivations, and concerns behind those words. Here’s how you can enhance your listening skills:


Reflect back what your prospect has said to show you’ve understood them. For instance, “So, what I’m hearing is that your main concern is the downtime during the implementation process. Is that correct?” This confirms your understanding and gives them the opportunity to clarify if needed.

Non-Verbal Cues:

Pay attention to body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions. These non-verbal cues can provide additional context to what is being said and help you gauge the prospect’s true feelings and concerns.

When you listen carefully, you demonstrate that you value your prospect’s perspective, which in turn builds trust and rapport.

Being Fully Present: Engage with Undivided Attention

Caring requires being fully present during your interactions with prospects. When you are present, you pick up on crucial information that might otherwise be missed. Here are some strategies to help you stay engaged:

Minimise Distractions:

During a call or meeting, eliminate potential distractions. Close unnecessary tabs on your computer, put your phone on silent, and focus solely on the conversation at hand. This shows respect and dedication to the prospect.

Mindfulness Practices:

Techniques such as deep breathing or a brief moment of meditation before a meeting can help you centre yourself and be more present. This mental preparation allows you to engage more fully and listen more effectively.

Being present means you can hear subtle cues and understand underlying issues that the prospect may not even be aware of themselves. This level of attention demonstrates a high degree of care and commitment to their needs.

It’s Not About You: Prioritise the Prospect’s Needs

It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own agenda during a sales conversation. However, caring for your prospect means prioritising their needs over your own. By focusing on their world and understanding their challenges, you can tailor your approach to better meet their needs. Remember, people want to know how much you care before they care about how much you know. Making the conversation about them, rather than about you, fosters a stronger connection and more productive dialogue.

So Why Should We Care?

Caring allows you to provide accurate solutions. When you understand your prospect’s needs thoroughly, you can determine whether your product or service is a good fit. If it isn’t, acknowledging that and not wasting their time shows a high level of respect and professionalism. Caring is not just about closing a sale today, it’s about building a foundation for future interactions. A sales approach built on genuine care and understanding is far more rewarding and sustainable than one focused solely on short-term gains. It builds lasting relationships and deeper connections, which are the bedrock of long-term success.

Incorporating genuine care into your sales approach leads to better information, more accurate solutions, and ultimately, an easier close. By prioritising understanding over being understood, asking meaningful questions, listening actively, and being present, you build trust and foster stronger relationships. Remember, it’s not about you – it’s about them. Show your prospects that you care, and you’ll find that success in sales becomes not only more achievable but also more fulfilling.

At Eastwood & Co, we’re here to help you on your sales journey. We can provide personalised coaching and training to help you master the art of caring in sales. Let’s build meaningful relationships and achieve long-term success together.