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Rational Thinking

Transform your mindset with our Rational Thinking Coaching programme, designed to help you recognise and reshape irrational thoughts, manage emotions, and modify behaviours.

Course Description

If I was only able to learn one thing it would be this!

When faced with crucial moments of great emotional consequence in life this model helps you think accurately and logically.

This three-session coaching programme will help you form a habit and behaviour that will change your life. 

You will walk away with a method of applying sound strategies to gain control of situations that seem uncontrollable. And it’s as easy as ABC.

What you’ll learn

  • How to identify irrational thoughts and make them more rational

  • How to be more productive
  • How to be more in control of your life

  • How to apply sound strategies to gain control of situations that seem uncontrollable

Course Cost

This course can be customised to an individual or a team. Contact us to learn more about course related costs.

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