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Master the first 90 days in your new job

Fast-Tracking Success: Navigating The First 90 Days in a New Role

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The First 90 Days of your New Job

Starting a new job is exhilarating and challenging. It often represents either a promotion or a significant transition in one’s professional journey. It’s the fresh opportunity you’ve been waiting for, a new chapter that promises growth and innovation. However, Russell Eastwood, a leading expert on the topic, emphasises the pivotal nature of the initial days in a new role. “The first 90 days is all about hitting the ground running,” he points out.

When professionals transition into a new position, they bring a wealth of experience and value with them. Yet, Russell notes a surprising reality: while you grapple with the demands and intricacies of your new role, your perceived value can often plummet, even veering into the negative. The challenge is not just about stabilising but about rapidly turning this around and re-establishing yourself as an asset. The faster this turnaround happens, the quicker you can start adding value and truly making an impact.

Eastwood & Co’s First 90 Days Training Programme

We understand the challenges and complexities that come with stepping into a new role. That’s why Eastwood & Co has crafted the First 90 Days Training Programme. This programme offers a systematic step-by-step approach to navigate the nuances of a new job. 

Russell Eastwood discusse the First 90 Days Training Programme

Russell describes on the program’s core philosophy, “It’s about seeking to understand the company, the customers, the product, the services, and the offerings as swiftly as possible.” To facilitate this, the training programme introduces participants to a ‘learning agenda’. This isn’t merely about information acquisition but strategically understanding what needs prioritising. It allows you to identify where quick wins can be achieved, and how to align yourself for maximum success.

Inside the First 90 Days Programme

So, what does the programme entail? Russell breaks it down into a structured sequence:

  1. Learning Phase: This is the primary stage where participants are introduced to templates and processes. These help guide them on what they should learn and the kind of questions they should be asking.
  2. Interpreting and Planning: After gathering substantial data, the second session is all about deciphering this information. This phase helps in formulating an action plan based on the insights gained and wins to be had.
  3. Realignment: The final meeting is a touchpoint to tweak, adjust, and refine the action plan. This ensures its effectiveness as participants move ahead.

One of the standout testimonials Russell shares is of a participant who landed the most significant job of her life. Reflecting on her experience with the programme, she expressed profound gratitude, asserting how the First 90 Days program played an indispensable role in her successful start.

Getting Started with the First 90 Days

If the prospect of mastering your initial days at a new job intrigues you, Eastwood & Co’s First 90 Days might just be the roadmap you need. As Russell himself puts it, “If it sounds a bit intriguing, please get in touch with us. Let’s see how we can make this new role a success for you.”

This programme is for both individuals looking for a smoother transition into a new role, and organisations aiming to optimise the onboarding process. Understanding and leveraging the crucial first 90 days can set the tone for sustained success and growth. Talk with Eastwood & Co today to learn more about The First 90 Days Training Programme.