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Russell Eastwood delivers business training services to a group of business people in Auckland.

Unlocking Potential with Eastwood & Co Business Training Services

Written by Eastwood & Co on .

When it comes to business training and coaching, Russell Eastwood, the driving force behind Eastwood & Co’s Training Services, has a profound story to share. Russell discovered his calling during a pivotal transition in his career, where he took on a national role as a sales manager. It was a lightbulb moment for him – he realised that his purpose on this Earth was to train, coach, and support individuals in achieving their goals.

But why, in this age of easy access to information, is training more crucial than ever? According to Russell, while we live in a time where virtually everything can be looked up on Google, the value of training goes far beyond merely accessing information. It is about deep learning, preparation, and implementing what has been learned in a real-world setting.

Beyond just Google and YouTube – The true value of tailored business training services

The vast expanse of information at our fingertips can lead us to believe that a simple Google search or a YouTube tutorial is sufficient for learning. However, as Russell astutely points out, there’s a marked difference between casually searching for information and undergoing effective training.

Russell likens the need for specialised training to elite athletes. “They might be naturally brilliant at something,” he says, “but what takes them to the next level is specific business training tailored to their needs.”

In today’s world, it’s not just about consuming information, but about applying it effectively. True learning requires a training structure that can transform innate skills into a refined, more effective tool. Google and YouTube offer breadth, but tailored training offers depth and precision.

In a competitive landscape, where every edge counts, opting for training that is specific, tailored, and actionable is more essential than ever. It’s not just about acquiring knowledge, but about mastering the right skills for tangible results.

Eastwood & Co’s core business training services

Eastwood & Co stands out in their offering of bespoke training programmes. Among the essential services they provide are:

Sales Training
Russell believes that sales skills are a life essential, as much about forming relationships and understanding others as they are about selling products.

Time Management
Recognising how many people cite a lack of time as a barrier to their goals, Russell emphasises the importance of prioritising and planning to achieve success.

The First 90 Days
Tailored to those stepping into new roles, this training sets them on the right track from day one.

DISC Behaviour Profiling Assessments
Designed to enhance understanding of different personalities and behaviours in a work setting.

The Numbers That Count
This workshop focuses on financial literacy, a critical aspect of successful business management.

Conversations That Matter
This programme teaches how to provide feedback effectively without conflict and to appreciate the contributions of team members.

What makes Eastwood & Co’s training different?

Embarking on a journey towards comprehensive, tailored business training is now effortlessly within your reach with Eastwood & Co. Russell points to their commitment to truly understanding their customers’ needs. This, combined with their wealth of experience and the talented facilitators they employ, ensures that their training is not only tailored but highly effective. Moreover, the coaching element they integrate into their workshops ensures participants can practically apply what they’ve learned, making their training approach both unique and impactful.

The offerings at Eastwood & Co span a wide spectrum, from time management, sales training, to nuanced understanding of behavioural patterns, ensuring there’s something tailored for every unique need. What sets them apart is not just the theoretical instruction, but the practical application facilitated through one-on-one coaching sessions after every training.

And the company’s dedication doesn’t wane after a workshop concludes. Continuous support, frequent check-ins, and customised advice stand as a testament to Eastwood & Co’s unwavering commitment to see every participant achieve their goals.

Reach out today and begin a transformative business training journey. Email or call Russell on 027 268 1407 for more information.