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These programmes provide the essential skills to survive and thrive in business. All our programmes include one on one coaching sessions following the training to tailor your own action plan and ensure the learning is long term.

Auckland Business Coaching Service


Comprehensive Sales Training

Master the art of selling with our two-day Sales Training Course, focused on selling products, services, and ideas. Acquire essential techniques to boost your confidence and achieve success.


Time Management

Like it or not, structure is freedom. This ‘tailored to your needs’ programme will give you the life long habits to cope in this urgency-addicted, distracting world we live in.


Rational Thinking

Transform your mindset with our Rational Thinking Training course, designed to help you recognise and reshape irrational thoughts, manage emotions, and modify behaviours.


Numbers That Count

Boost your financial literacy with our Numbers That Count Course, specifically designed for business owners to understand and focus on the most critical financial aspects of their business.


Conversations That Matter

This course helps you master effective communication by focusing on delegation, setting expectations, and aligning your team with your vision to create a thriving business.


DISC Profile Assessments

For managers, team leaders, and individuals who want to better understand themselves and others in their professional environment. If you’re looking to foster effective communication, improve teamwork, and boost performance, this course is designed for you.


The First 90 Days

Embarking on a new role? Make your first 90 days count with Eastwood & Co’s specialised training program. We guide you through each crucial step—from understanding your new environment to actionable planning and realignment. Set the tone for sustained success and make an immediate impact in your new role.

Do you have a question about one of our services?

Our friendly team are eager to assist you with any questions. We’re always here to help you make informed decisions and find the best solutions for your business needs.