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Expert coaching, transformative results, genuine support

About Russell Eastwood

Your very own unconditional champion helping you succeed.

Everyone is different. We see things differently, hear things differently, interpret the same information differently. No two people are the same so no one solution suits all. With me as your Unconditional Champion together we’ll work out a solution that is right for you.
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“It’s hard not to trust your own unconditional champion.”
Russell Eastwood – Director Eastwood & Co

We are business coaching experts.

In today’s competitive business landscape, entrepreneurs and business owners face numerous challenges. Eastwood & Co offers tailored business coaching, providing guidance, support, and advice to help overcome obstacles, develop new skills, and grow your business.

By partnering with Eastwood & Co, unlock your business’s full potential, refine decision-making, and foster a culture of innovation for sustained growth and success. 

What we do

We provide comprehensive support for New Zealand business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and directors.

The Alternative Board

The Alternative Board facilitated by Eastwood & Co, empowers New Zealand business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and managing directors with peer-to-peer advice, business planning, coaching, and mentoring. Our business advisory boards facilitate personal and professional growth, offering unbiased feedback on critical business topics. Experience fresh perspectives and collective wisdom beyond your industry, fostering innovative approaches and success in your business journey.

Business Coaching & Mentoring

Eastwood & Co’s Business Coaching and Mentoring services inspire positive change, personal growth, and better business results. Our dedicated approach ensures clients feel motivated, excited, understood, calm, cared for, and confident. We have a genuine passion for your success which drives us to ask insightful questions, provide unbiased perspectives, and act as a sounding board for your ideas. Partner with Eastwood & Co to enhance relationships, embrace transformation, and achieve your true potential.

Business Training

Eastwood & Co’s Training Services delight in sparking light bulb moments and unlocking personal growth. Our diverse offerings include sales training, time management, and business relationship development, alongside specialised programs for rational thinking and financial literacy. Elevate your skills and drive your business forward with Eastwood & Co’s transformative training solutions.

& Co.

Introducing the “& Co.” part of our service. Your gateway to connecting with industry professionals and experts across various fields.

Expand your network and gain valuable insights from marketing, finance, legal, and HR specialists, among others. Leverage the expertise of our curated partnerships to accelerate your business growth and achieve lasting success.

Committed to our clients success.

Eastwood & Co was born out of Russell Eastwood’s unwavering dedication to helping business owners and leaders unlock their full potential. What began as a business coaching and mentoring service, primarily operating through The Alternative Board, has since expanded to encompass an extensive range of offerings designed to support the growth and development of businesses across various industries.

Our Clients

AchieveGlobal Oceania
Plan Co
Safe-R Insulation New Zealand
Chains Ropes and Anchors
WM Dental

Explore the latest business news, gain valuable insights, and expert advice tailored to empower and inspire our clients on their business journey.

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